Chad Betz, pictured at right, trained in Tae Kwon Do as a child. He rediscovered the martial arts as an adult by training at the Assembly of the Martial Arts Academy where he earned a blackbelt. While continuing to train at AMAA, he also trained in other styles earning a second blackbelt and increasing his knowledge of the martial arts. He has competed successfully in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Point Sparring, Open Hand Forms and Weapons Forms. He continues to explore different styles of martial arts and writes the martial arts blog for


Alberto Torres, Pictured at right  "Being a daily mixed martial arts practitioner and avid Jiu-jitsu player has molded me, in so many ways, into the person I am today. The ritual of slapping hands and bumping knuckles with your best friend or a complete stranger and grinding through tough rolls or sparring makes you feel like you've done something worthwhile. Competing in tournaments against others who are also going through the metaphorical fire, those who are similarly devoted to their own 10,000 hour journey to certain mastery humbles me; win or lose we both learn and grow. Learning that like on the mats you are going to struggle in life but with focus and determination you can get through much more adversity than you can even fathom. Mind meld with body and spirit; you use thought to master the dance and advance through the battle. You pay a toll for something extraordinary; you suffer through a learning experience and emerge with both scars and a newfound strength; knowledge. You can be covered from head to toe in grime, sweat, filth and still feel so pure. This discipline is what brings me closer to "God"; this practice is what grounds me. It's a reminder of my mortality and ultimately, my humanity. I have been practicing a plethora of martial arts for nearly two decades and have no plans of stopping. Without the arts I may not have learned all of the important lessons that I carry with me each day; lessons about respect, humility, perseverance, devotion, commitment, honor and so on and so forth."

If I could recommend one thing to all people and more importantly parents, it would be to get involved with martial arts and get their kids involved with martial arts, as soon as possible.

Martial arts saved my life.

Adam Rylski, pictured at right, is the Owner and Chief Instructor of the Assembly of the Martial Arts Academy (AMAA). He is a local resident, having been born and raised in Milford, and currently residing in West Haven. He has been practicing Martial Arts since the age of nine. As a young entrepreneur, he established this business in 1991. He holds a 6TH Degree Black Belt in American Mixed Martial Arts.

Sabunim has received many awards for his commitment and dedication to the arts and community, including 2013 Best of West Haven Award, 2012 Best of West Haven Award, 3 time inductee into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 2003 YMCA Community Builder of the Year and 2009 Community Leadership Award for West Haven’s WHINC. Martial Arts is more to Sabunim than just physical activity and defense, he teaches his students life skills such as, confidence, character development, good sportsmanship, hygiene/health, stranger awareness and bully busting. This training develops a well-rounded lifestyle.

Jake Gergely, pictured at right. Bio coming soon

Jason Thigpen, Pictured at right. Has been training at the academy since he was 12 years old. A martial arts enthusiast, Jason learns everything he can about the arts so he then share his knowledge with his students. Jason has trained in several disciplines which include Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira and Inosanto style Kali. With 18 years of experience in 2016, Jason was inducted into the USA MMA Hall of Fame.


     Eddy Recchia pictured at right has been practicing Martial Arts since he was 6 years old.  He began his training with his father (also a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do) under Master Che Rhee in Milford, CT.  He began his mixed martial arts career with AMAA at the age of 17 obtaining his black belt and becoming the 2nd Sabunim under chief instructor Adam Rylski.  He trained and worked as an instructor in West Haven and Milford while finishing his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Health at Southern Connecticut State University. 

     “Martial Arts has provided me with the resolve, determination, and commitment to my mental health, physical health, and has been a contributing factor to my success in my younger years, through to the present day”. 

     Sabunim R’s teaching style emphasizes on situational defense and awareness, healthy eating/lifestyle goals, women’s self-defense, a solid, structured, work-life balance and to providing children with the core skill sets they need to properly defend themselves, while growing to become healthy, productive, young adults.  Eddy has an unwavering dedication to the Assembly of Martial Arts Academy, his family, his friends, and all the students he trains.