HIKERS Make it to the top

Children are naturally inquisitive and, in the absence of video games and cell phones, we take the kids outside to explore. 

  • Sleeping Giant Hike
  • Summer Picnic
  • Summer Camp
  • Special Guests
  • Tournament
  • Kids Day Out
  • Picture day
  • Belt exam
  • Sleepover

Annual school Picnic 

Every year we come together to have fun outside of the Dojo.

  • Sunday June 4th 2017
  • Bring super soakers and a towel. please sign up and let us know what you would like to bring!

 annual events 

the academy hosts  women empowered workshop 

This class aims to introduce women to an array of about their personal safety.identify and avoid violence before it occurs. It will also provide you with  a lot of information as to why predatory and aggressive  individuals act and behave the way they do

  • Saturday May 6th, 2017
  • 3:30-4:30pm
  • West Haven Public Library, (Lower Level)
  • 300 Elm St, West Haven, CT 06516
  • $10: please sign up ahead of time