Summer time is here.  Summer camp will have 2 sessions:

 June 18- June 22 and June 25 - June 29

Please see a Sabinum to sign up


At Assembly of the Martial Arts Academy, we teach a variety of mixed martial arts and skills that’ll help you become a finely tuned competitor. Our programs emphasize a variety of hybrid martial arts techniques that will take you to the peak of your abilities.

Assembly of the Martial Arts Academy’s trainers, highly skilled fighters themselves, will see to it that you walk into the ring well versed in the rules, strategies and styles of mixed martial arts. You will learn:

Stand Up styles-includes elements of kickboxing and Muay Thai
Clinch styles-incorporates elements of judo and wrestling to improve throws and takedowns
Ground styles-integrates elements of Jiu-Jitsu ,and Sambo to improve submission holds

Don’t want to compete in the ring? No problem. There are many benefits to your mixed martial arts training besides learning how to fight, including:

Increased Strength
Endurance and stamina

Assembly of the Martial Arts Academy’s small classes and individualized instruction will insure that you study and work out at a pace that’s right for you. Mixed martial arts are rigorous and tiring, so we’ll take care to insure that you maintain a safe pace and don’t overexert yourself.